Friday, January 9, 2009


When I walked into Dr Jackson's office this morning, his x-ray technician was sitting beside the receptionist. She said, "I need an x-ray of your ankle, but my machine is broken." She gave me an order for the x-ray and sent me to the hospital's radiation department. Fortunately, Dr Jackson's office is in one of the medical office buildings connected to Western Baptist Hospital, so my walk was all inside.

When I saw the doctor, he said that I could decide whether to wear the boot a few more days, but that he thought I could go back to a regular shoe, without any kind of brace. I put the boot back on to leave his office, but took it off at my next stop. I need to go back in four weeks. I suggested, and Dr Jackson agreed, that we can make that visit do double duty - a follow-up on the ankle and a slightly-early annual follow-up on the hip replacement. The last visit concerning the hip was in March 2008.

Since it was only a few minutes after 11 am, I went to the Heartland Lace Guild meeting at Grace Church. I spend a couple of lovely, interesting hours visiting with other fiber people. I love doing that!

Then I stopped at Kroger for a few things and came home with the intention of putting my feet up. However, I haven't gotten them up yet - I've been sitting at the computer reading Yahoo! groups email instead. Now I'm going to go offline, sit down on the couch, put my feet up, and knit.

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