Thursday, February 26, 2009

It was warm today,

so I went out and walked around the yard for the first time since the men cleared up the storm debris. From the windows, I couldn't see what they had done about the hole left by the roots of that tree that had blown down a year ago. I don't know where they got the dirt, but they filled in the hole quite well. There are still broken branches hung up in some of the trees, too far up to reach, so every high wind for a while will blow some down.

I also finally threw out the rest of the stuff from the freezer in the shed. I unplugged it after the power had been off long enough for everything to thaw. There was mostly pumpkin that I had frozen three years ago, but also some peppers. That all went into the compost bin. I'm leaving that freezer off for now; I really have plenty of freezer space in the refrigerator.

There was a message in my voicemail a few days ago from an elementary school art teacher in the area. Several years ago, I had helped her out with a traditional skills day by demonstrating spinning - both on a wheel and with a spindle. She was planning to do that again and wondered if I would help this time. I thought about it for a few days, but decided that I don't want to expose myself to all those children and their germs. It might be fine, but my immune system is compromised, so I don't want to take the chance of catching something.

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