Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Funky Laprobe

I've finished the knitting, but still have six dozen ends to run in - one for each square. It was about 2/3 done when I showed it to Alyssa a few days ago. Her reaction was like that of the Geico gecko when the company executive holds up the suit they want him to wear. But Lexi immediately pointed out the square that she loves. Actually, there are three or four squares using that particular yarn in combination with another thin yarn - two starnds of the miniscule fuzzy nylon one that feels so good and one strand of fingering weight acrylic or cotton. It does feel wonderful. There are also several different 'eyelash' yarns (Lexi wanted to know if they were really made from eyelashes), as well as other textured yarns. This is the type of project that you look at sometimes while you're working at and think, "I like that," and other times you think, "Ugh." However, the finished product usually looks pretty good.

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