Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cooking & Inkle-ing

Yesterday, Alyssa had to take classes at Red Cross, so Lexi spent Friday night with me. She came into my room about 7 a.m. with my keys in her hand, asking which one opens the back door. I told her and she said she was going to have a surprise for me. A few minutes later, she wanted to know whether the water or the coffee went into the machine first. (It's a little cup-at-a-time machine.) I said it didn't matter.
Then, "The coffee goes into the little brown cup?"
"Should I empty it?"
A minute or two later, she was back with the coffee scoop. "I leveled it off. How many do I use?"
"Just one."
Then in a few minutes she was back with a small tray holding the cup of coffee, a ciabatta roll which she had sliced open, toasted, buttered and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, and a peony.
Pretty good for an almost-eight-year-old!

Then at lunchtime, she wanted to cook again, so she scrambled eggs while I microwaved fully-cooked, frozen sausage.


She came and sat on my lap about mid-morning. She pointed over my shoulder and asked what that machine in the corner is - "it has thread on it." I told her that it is an inkle loom and that I'd show her how to use it if she brought it to me. I had put a warp in it over a year ago and wove four or five inches. She wanted to know what that narrow fabric could be used for. I told her that people sometimes use it for guitar straps - "Oh, I can give it to Daddy." - or for purse straps - "You can make the bottom part of a purse for Mommy and use that for straps. As a joint effort, we wove a couple of feet of 'strap.' Later we wove another couple of feet.

I don't know what's wrong with Blogger, but I can't move the picture of the inkle loom down to where I want it. Nor the one of Alyssa and Lexi with my birthday cake and gift.

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