Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Medicine

The Revlimid was delivered by UPS on Monday. I waited until Tuesday evening to start taking it, because I wanted to make sure exactly how I'm supposed to take it. It seems to have the same 'sleeping pill' effect that the Thalidomide did. During the time that I was not taking either medication, I often had trouble going back to sleep when I awoke in the middle of the night. It's been nice the last few nights not having that problem.

Yesterday I realized an advantage ? to the neuropathy in my feet - I can't feel that my toe is sticking out through a hole in my sock!


I got up about 6 this morning, and had my coffee and oatmeal on the front porch. Then I sat out there and knitted for a couple of hours. I was working on my great-nephew Tony's afghan. I'm finally a bit over halfway done.

Then I spent about four hours alternately picking up the branches I trimmed from the crabapple tree several weeks ago, and resting on the back porch. After it was all picked up, I mowed that corner and the 'holidays' Robbie (next door neighbor) had left in the front yard when he mowed a few days ago. He's legally blind, so he doesn't get too close to the trees with his riding mower. I just appreciate his doing any of the mowing for me. He says he likes to mow. I think he likes to prove that he can do it. After he mowed, I went over to thank him and he told me that he fell a few weeks ago and cracked his shoulder blade and broke a finger. I knew I hadn't seen much of him, but had seen a lot of his family members. He's not happy about their being there so much - even spending the night, but I think it's nice that they're so concerned about him.

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