Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shingles - the non-medical kind

Carmen called me about 7 this morning. I was still in bed. For her it was about 8 and she was on her way to work. During the conversation, she asked if we'd been getting the rain they have and how my roof was holding up to it. Yes, we've had a lot of rain, but since the roofer had covered the bare spot on the roof it hasn't leaked. She reminded me again that Bobby would love to come out and do the job for me. He's been working in construction, including roofing, for three years or so. I told her it's easier for me to let the local guy, who knows the area, do it. About two hours later, I heard vehicles in the driveway. Usually they're for next door, but I looked out anyway. There were two trucks, one of which bore a load of shingles. They used a conveyor belt to get them up to the roof and that truck went back to the building supplier. Then another big truck came and backed up to the house to collect the old shingles, etc. The crew worked for several hours and will be back tomorrow if it doesn't rain. At least they finished the area that had lost the most shingles, and didn't leave any area bare in case it does rain.

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