Friday, July 17, 2009


Carmen, Sara and Rose arrived about midnight Saturday. Lexi was spending the night here and said she was going to stay up until they got here. I made her go to bed about ten and promised I'd wake her when the arrived. I went to bed, too, but left the light on in my room. Alyssa and I had opened out the futon, put sheets on it and pulled all the extra pillows out of the closet earlier. We also made a pallet in the room she just painted, which is where Lexi wanted her cot, too. When I woke Lexi, she was awfully groggy. They left this morning for the return trip, and are probably somewhere in PA now.

The two cousins had both been excited about seeing the other for weeks, and enjoyed the visit. Lexi also got to spend a lot of time with her Grammy (How can my daughter be a grandmother?) On Tuesday, the two of them went to the Harley-Davidson store in Union City TN, and on Wednesday, the ones in Marion IL and Cape Girardeau MO. Lexi was not with Carmen yesterday when she went to the one in Paducah while I was getting my treatment at the Cancer Center. Yes, she has a Harley and wants shirts from every Harley dealer in the country, I think.

I wanted Carmen (computer technician for Abraxis Oncology, a pharmaceutical company) to do some work on my computer, but was not expecting either her or Sara to do anything else for me.
One day, I thought Sara had gone out to the back porch to smoke, but she took a long time. When I looked out, she was washing all of my porch furniture. I usually do that in the spring, but hadn't gotten to it yet this year. Then she started scrubbing Alyssa's pool which has lain on the ground all winter. Alyssa has just moved and will be able to set the pool up where she is now - level, open ground and a fence. The picture above is of Sara hard at work. Carmen also did some trimming on my walnut tree. It is bearing nuts this year, so some of the branches were hanging quite low. I had trimmed some earlier, but these weren't in my way at that time. The part I could not have gotten was the part that was lying on the porch roof. She used the pool ladder to reach that - I'm afraid of ladders.

On Tuesday evening, when we were going out to dinner from Alyssa's house, I was reaching for the door handle of her car when my foot caught the edge of the concrete driveway, and I wound up face-down in the grass. I told them I was trying to make sure the bee that had stung Lexi earlier was dead. I'm really surprised that I'm not sorer than I am. I only had a little soreness on my right side, below my arm, and that seems to have gone away already.

Although they were on vacation, Carmen got about a dozen calls and emails a day from the young woman who was filling in for her, and Sara (procedures technician and office manager in a gastroenterology office) got a couple of calls while she was here.

Rose is a trip! She's very outgoing and a big talker. She had no problem accepting me, even though the only time we met before was three years ago, before she was even a year old. She also had no thouble saying Grandmother. She will be four at the end of October and talks extremely well for a child that age. And Sara seems to be a wonderful mother. At first Rose had a problem with Trevor's dog. but by the end of the visit, they had made friends. Sara and Rose slept at Alyssa's house four nights, so getting along with the dog was important.

The house seems rather quiet now. Back to my normal knitting, I guess.


Anonymous said...

hate this damn comment stuff. anyway, WTF? you fell. atleast you wern't alone. glad your ok. love dom

Anonymous said...

I very much enjoy reading your blog. Your knitting designs are gorgeous--but then they always have been. Your visit with Wanda sounds great--I will be in Kentucky the last part of September and hope to see her then.