Monday, July 20, 2009

Good weather

The last few days have been beautiful! I have the windows open and a couple of ceiling fans on. I even mowed in the middle of the day today rather than waiting until after supper. I did two tankfuls of gas - about 45 minutes each. I think that was too much - I'm having trouble walking now. Maybe I can do more tomorrow after I get home from knitting at the Ice House (Mayfield Art Guild).

I also vacuumed the interior of my car this morning. That was also a 45-minute job. I don't remember when I did it last. It sure looks better now.

Other than that, I've done my usual knitting. I just finished a sarape-style thing for the sexton at church, who will soon have knee surgery to repair some ligaments or something. I figure a sarape is more masculine-looking than a shawl. I was concerned about making it too big, and now I'm wondering if it's too small (narrow). I'll see what other people think tomorrow.

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