Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pictures of shawls, etc

This is the afghan I'm working on for my great nephew. You may be able to see the needle hanging off on the left side. I'm working on a column of medium-size squares, then will finish with a column of large ones. When I bought this yarn, I thought it was all the same - different dye lots, but I figured that didn't matter with this yarn and this design. When I started the second skein, I discovered that, while they are all 'green camo', some of them are 'stripe' with long sections of each color, and others are 'ombre' with short sections of each color. So - - - back to the drawing board. I'm doing the large and the small squares in 'stripe' and the medium ones on 'ombre.'
Here's a rather plain shawl in cotton. It's triangular with a cut-off tip. I was going to add some beaads along the edges, but none of the beads in my stash are suitable, and I don't feel like buying more.
And this is the last 'random' shawl I did when I was on that kick - yellows and browns, with bits of green and pink. The green and pink are so pale and so small that they are hardly noticible.
I did these two (yes, there are two there) to illustrate the effect of white and black on colors. I real life, the black mkes the colors 'pop', but in this picture, that laprobe is almost inviible. (I'm not a good photographer!)

For this one, I started with about a dozen stitches and increased fairly rapidly to about 190 (a la Alison Hyde)Then I did a row of 'feathers' and doubled the stitch count again. That was followed by a not-very-lacy zigzag pattern and then another row of 'feathers' at the bottom.

I think this one is going to be for me. It's not really yellow, but that's how it looks after I had the computer brighten up the picture. It's really tan. That stitch pattern at the top and bottom is actually upside down from what is shown in my stitch dictionaries, but it looks like flowers to me that way. It's one I've used several times. This is a 'pie are square' shawl. I started with twenty stitches and wound up with 724.

So that's what's been keeping me busy. Plus, of course, oncology visits and some yard work - mostly mowing and spraying weed and grass killer. The last time Robbie mowed my back yard, he left a large section unmowed. By the time I got back there to do my normal 'trim mowing' (he's legally blind, so he leaves quite wide 'collars' around trees, etc) that grass was too high for my mower. I tried two passes, but had to stop every twenty feet or so to clean out the discharge chute. I decided that I would kill the grass chemically instead. I sprayed what the sprayer wand would reach yesterday. When that section dies, I'll be able to spray the rest. The area will probably fill in with ground ivy, but at least it will be green and easy to cut.

This morning after Morning Edition finished at 9 o'clock, I mixed up more weed and grass killer, and sprayed along the driveway - both my side and Robbie's. The first gallon took me about 3/4 of the way down. The second gallon finished up the driveway edges, the area around our mailboxes across the road, and the sidewalk from the driveway to the clump of trees (wild olive? mostly) at the south side of my property. I realized when I got there that the ice storm in January had done some damage in that area. I think I'll add cleaning that up to my list of things for my new-found handy man.

The handy man is Alyssa's father-in-law (according to US tax law, when I took that class thirty-some years ago, divorce only voids one relationship - that of husband and wife. The in-law relationships remain). Bobby Gill has recently taken early retirement from Goodyear Tire. He's not one to just lie around the house, so he will be looking for things to do. Alyssa told him I have some little things around here that need to be done, and he said he'll work cheap. I plan to call him after Carmen, Sara and Rose return to NJ from their visit next week.

OK, Dominic, now I've posted again. He told me a few days ago that I hadn't posted for a long time. When I checked, I discovered that he was right. I guess I didn't have anything to say.

Oh! things are gonig well medically. Dr Winkler had some surgery, so will be out for a few weeks. Yesterday I saw Dr Conkright and next Thursday I'll see Dr Ginn. I've seen both of them before. I like Dr Ginn better, but I'm not really particular about which one I see - they all have tha same information about me in front of them.

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