Thursday, August 13, 2009

More burning, but not myself

I took the paper trash to the burn barrel again this morning, and then added prunings after I got the fire going. I didn't burn myself this time, though. When the sun came up over the bald cypress tree so the barrel was no longer in shade, I sat on the back porch to rehydrate and knit (a simple project - easy knitting) I had put several long pieces that were too large to cut with my pruners (I had sawed them off the trees) into the barrel with two or three feet of them above the top of it. In a few minutes, I saw one of them fall out onto the ground, and as I was picking up my leather-palmed gloves, I heard others fall. The gloves allowed me to pick them up and put them back in the barrel. I don't like wearing gloves except in winter to keep my hands warm, but they were important in this instance. Those long limbs were the main reason I stayed on the porch rather than going in the house. It was nice outside in the shade though, with an occasional light breeze. I can tell that we are well past the summer solstice and closer to the autumn equinox. Near the solstice, the sun only came about two inches onto the south end of the porch - it now comes about two feet.

About noon, I came in the house, fixed lunch and turned on the computer. Now I think I'll do more knitting as I listen to news programs on NPR. Then about 6:30 I'll go out and mow for 45 minutes. That's how long a tank of gas lasts in my mower.

I started a new project yesterday - a pair of socks for my 3-3/4 year old great-granddaughter in New Jersey. When they visited a few weeks ago, her sneakers got left at Alyssa's house. She finally brought them here on Saturday for me to mail back along with some other things. I decided a pair of socks would be a good addition to the package. Then today I got a request from daughter Carmen for a baby blanket for one of her co-workers. The shower is September 9 - yeah, I guess I have time. But first finish the lace shawl so I can enter it in the Carlisle County Fair next week, and Rose's socks so I can mail that package.

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