Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Weather, knitting, etc

My sister Pauline, who lives in Florida, called me mid-afternoon yesterday to ask if we were flooded. At that time, the sun was out, and I had not heard of the flooding in Louisville. She said she had called our sister Renee, who lives in Louisville, and Renee is OK. I saw some pictures from Louisville today - looks bad. I was planning to mow after 6:30 yesterday, when most of the yard is in shade, but that wasn't to be. While I was listening to All Things Considered and Marketplace, they kept cutting in with weather alerts, but the storms seemed to be to the south and east of me, and it still looked all right here. Then, shortly before I was going to put on shorts and sneakers, a large, dark cloud covered Milburn, a strong wind blew up, and rain fell. No mowing - oh shucks! I don't know how much rain we got, but it came off and on most of the night.

Today was my oncology appointment. It was at 10:45, so I was able to go to the knitting group at the coffee shop afterward. The appointment was routine, with my normal Vel-Cade treatment. I was able to get several rows done on the lace shawl. Then I did a few more rows at the coffee shop, before I pulled out the 2" Weave-it loom and made half a dozen squares. Everyone loved the shawl, and they were also interested in the loom.

I think it's time to crawl in bed and read. Night before last, I finished James Michener's The Fires of Spring. The beginning of it seemed rather Dickensian, perhaps because the main character was growing up in the county poor house where his aunt/guardian was director. This was early twentieth century in eastern Pennsylvania. Having lived in the Philadelphia area for thirty years, the place names were very familiar to me. Last night I started The Scaregoat by Daphne DuMaurier. These are both books that I bought at the Paducah Library's used book sale a few months ago. I have so many books that I haven't read yet that I didn't go to the one they had last weekend.

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Jim Ross said...

I can feel the change of season this week also. but our change is must more discreet than up north.

Bro: Jim