Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Carlisle County Fair

Lexi spent Fridqy night with me, and we went into Bardwell Saturday morning to see the parade. I thought this 'train' out of barrels was cute.
I hope there were no emergencies in the county Saturday morning, because I think every emergency vehicle in the county was in the parade.

There were several floats, including the Golden Oldies band.

And the 'queen' of the fair.

Also, anyone who wanted to ride their ATV in the parade was welcome. There were several family groups.

There were also tractors in a variety of colors.

And horses. The girl whose back is in most of the pictures is Lexi. A lot of the people in the parade were throwing candy, frisbies, etc.

After the parade, we went to the fairgrounds/county park/little league field to view the exhibits. My lace shawl got a red ribbon and my baby blanket got white. The red earned $1. They paid it in cash. Not long ago I ran across the check I got about 60 years ago at a fair in Minnesota. I think it was for an apron I made in 4H, and I believe it was for $.50. I was more interested in having a check than in having fifty cents.

We were disappointed that the rides didn't open until about 6 pm. I had promised Lexi that we would 'do' the rides, so we had to go back.

She liked these two, but they weren't my style.

This is something I probably would have liked twenty years ago, but seemed too wild for me now. Lexi wanted to try it, even though she had watched the way it worked. She was alone in the seat, and did some sliding around. When she got off, she said she was scared. We rode the Merry-Go-Round twice, and three other things. She got a large slice of pizza for her supper, and last thing before we left, we got a funnel cake to share. We ate about half of it that night, and the rest on Sunday morning.

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