Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My weekend

I had a great weekend! On Friday I drove to Louisville to my younger sister Renee's house - or rather condo. Her three-month-old grandson was baptised on Sunday. My sister Pauline and brother-in-law Mac from Florida flew in to Lexington that day, but did not come to Louisville until Sunday. Mac's high school class had a reunion on Saturday, and there are a couple of other activities he is involved in this week in Stanford, where we all went to high school. In addition they're visiting some of his cousins in the area. They're making a motel in Danville their headquarters for the ten days they're in Kentucky.

I spent Saturday with Renee doing her errands, mainly connected to the christening party. She did take me to World Market at my request. They closed their store in Paducah, and there were some things I liked to get from them.

Mac returned to Danville on Sunday afternoon, and I drove Pauline there on Monday. It was a bit out on my way, but it was nice to spend a couple of hours alone with her as I had done with Renee on Saturday. As we get older, that seems more important.

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