Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Medical, etc.

I've been reminded by two or three people in the last couple of days that it has been over a week since I posted here. Sorry 'bout that!

Simvastatin, generic for Zocor, is the medication that takes the place of the Crestor that my insurance wouldn't pay for. 

Dr Winkler changed my medication regimen slightly today. Instead of taking 8 mg of the steroid Decadron the day before and the day after my Velcade treatments, I am to take it only the day before. They had been giving me 10 mg of it along with the Velcade, but stopped that about three months ago.

Now that school is out, Lexi will probably spend quite a bit of time at my house. She was here Thursday night because Alyssa had a migraine. We took her to the ER, where they gave her two shots and two prescriptions and recommended that she lie down in a dark room. She was feeling much better Friday morning, and went to work. They had a sleep-over (only three girls besides Lexi) scheduled for Friday night, so I was really glad they didn't have to cancel that. The girls had a really good time.

On Saturday, when Alyssa called and asked if Lexi could spend the weekend here, I said that I shouldn't have put her cot away. Alyssa said I probably should leave it up all summer. I had thought about that, but needed to put my two hand knit, wool jackets away in a storage bin behind the cot. Actually, Lexi spent three nights, and I have left the cot up.

On Sunday the boys next door yelled over and asked her if she wanted to swim. She doesn't have a bathing suit here, so she wore shorts and a tank top. She was there for several hours and had a blast. When she came home and changed into dry clothes, she was comparing her arms to mine. Even though I have a fair amount of color (for me), she is much darker. She tans easily and like most kids picks up the color gradually by playing outside. She said, "I look like a Mexican!" Please don't read any prejudice into that. Her school is probably 50% white and 25% each black and Hispanic. She is friends with everyone, no matter what their skin color.That pleases me.

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