Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Work

I stared this post on Wednesday, but then McAfee told me I needed to restart the computer and do a virus scan. By the time that finished, I was ready for bed, and I haven't had a chance to get back to it until now.

I skipped church on Sunday - didn't feel like driving. But I went to the noon service today. I didn't need to provide Lexi's transportation to and from cheerleading practice, and my oncology appointment was at 1:15. I took four prayer shawls and a laprobe with me. I have showed a couple of them here before, but here are some others.

I don't often put fringe on shawls, but felt this one could use it. 

The purple triangle is from a combination of yarn donated to the church and some from my stash. It's small, as is the little cape with the burgundy border. The white square you see on the cape is something I put on each item I make for the knitting ministry at church. In the front it has what I have long known as 'The League Benediction' - Numbers 6:24-26. We always used it to close our Methodist Youth Fellowship meetings when I was a teenager. On the back of the card, I put information about fiber content and care.

Here are details of two laprobes. The solid-color one is from yarn donated to the church, and the other is part donated and part from my stash. I really like the way the colorful one turned out. I have a lot of fun 'designing' the shawls and laprobes. 

This last shawl is cotton that I've had for a long time. I paid a nickel a ball for it at an auction. Since I used slightly less than three balls, I call it my fifteen cent shawl.

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