Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Medical Problems

The Cancer Group called yesterday and changed my appointment time from 10:15 am to 2:15 pm, so I missed my knitting friends at the coffee shop.

About three weeks ago I called Dr Winkler's attention to a lump in my left armpit. He said it was just a cyst - nothing to worry about, but he lanced and drained it. I continued to squeeze stuff out of it for a few days. Since then two more cysts have appeared in each armpit. Monday night one of them on the right side opened and last night both of them on the left opened. So I've done a lot of squeezing out of puss. My sister Pauline said it's the meanness coming out. I put bandaids on them this morning so I wouldn't get junk draining onto my clothing. Strange place to put bandaids, isn't it? Dr Winkler prescribed a ten-day course of antibiotics.

Because I complained about feeling very tired and weak much of the time recently, he ordered a Procrit shot for me. My red cell count has been slightly low for several weeks. This should bring it back up to normal. He had to give me a long explanation of problems with doctors  giving too much Procrit in the past, which led to patients now having to sign permission slips. The nurse in the treatment room gave me the shot. Although next week is my week off for my Velcade treatment, I have  to go in for a blood count, and possibly another shot of Procrit. Such fun!

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dominic said...

i got those from aluminium in atni-persperants. man, i can't spell. tell Pauline to go to hell. nevermind she's in Florida, so i guess she's already there. love, me
otherwise known as your son