Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two more teeth gone

Last Monday (10/18) Dr Heine pulled two more teeth, so I went back today for him to check on the healing. So far, so good. I'll go back again in two weeks. In the meantime, I'm still on antibiotics and the anti-microbial rinse that tastes so terrible.

I also went to the oncologist today. Things seem OK, so I don't need to see him again for six weeks. I will go back to his office in two weeks to have my port flushed, though. At that point it will be five weeks since that was done, and I'm sure I will be feeling the port by then.

I was a bit surprised that in each of the waiting rooms there was another knitter. One was knitting a dishcloth and the other an afghan. I didn't take my knitting in at Dr Heine's office because I knew I wouldn't be there long, but I got several rows of a scarf done at the Cancer Group.
Before those appointments, I took some scarves and watchcaps to the Seaman's Church Institute and four shawls to Grace Church. While at Grace, I also attended the midweek eucharist service.

When I got home I finished the little bit I had left to do on a shawl for Rose. Sunday, when I put on my shawl before we went to her birthday party, she said she wanted one. I made quick work of that, didn't I? Of course it didn't need to be very big for a five-year-old.



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