Friday, June 10, 2011

She's into double digits!

Lexi turned ten yesterday!

Here's the cake Grammy/Carmen made. She's not quite satisfied with it, but I think it's fabulous! We couldn't see putting candles on it, so she made a little one for them.
 Isn't it cute?! Carmen and the kids took it next door afterwards for Rob (who mows my yard because he likes mowing) and Bonnie.

More pictures of the 'party.'
 The two cakes. The little one is on an eight-inch plate.
 Hello Kitty, Rose, Lexi and Michelle, who lives nearby. Devon didn't want in the picture with the girls.
You can see a bit of Devon here, along with the young adults, Alyssa, Stephen, Reggie and Sara. I got a little work out of both of the guys while there were here. I asked Reggie to start the mower for me, and I mowed until the thing conked out on me. There was one spot that I had to do because I knew how much of it I wanted mowed. A few minutes later, Reggie refilled the gas tank, finished the rest of the 'trim mowing' (close to the house where Rob doesn't get), and then mowed the fenced area. Much more than I had asked of him! I had Stephen spray weed-killer around the mailbox (the county guys can't mow close enough, and last year the mail carrier left a note in my box saying the weeds needed to be cut), and bring up the mail and the trash can. Alyssa, Sara and Carmen took care of the food prep and clean-up. I didn't need to do anything. I like that!

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Wow, those cakes are fabulous!!!