Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sick Bay

Monday evening, Sara called and said she thought Rose had strep throat. She asked if I could take her to the doctor on Tuesday and then care for her until she was allowed back at day care. (If Sara missed work on Tuesday, she wouldn't get paid for the Monday holiday.) 

So Tuesday morning I met them outside Sara's workplace, and then took Rose to the doctor. We had a heck of a time getting Rose to open her mouth for Dr Paul to swab her throat to do a culture. Sara happened to call on my cell phone during that time and I held the phone to Rose's ear so they could talk. After she finally opened her mouth and the swabbing was done, she said, "That didn't hurt at all; it sort of tickled. You can do it again." I was well impressed with the patience of both the doctor and her nurse.

Sara was right - it was strep throat. They faxed a note to the day care center saying Rose could return on Friday, and also a prescription to the pharmacy across the hall. After picking up the medicine, we came home. I made a  peanut butter and jelly sandwich for us to share. and tried to get her to eat so there would be something in her stomach before I gave her the Augmentin. She wouldn't eat, so I gave her the medicine anyway. While I was putting the bottle in the refrigerator, she threw up on the dining room floor. After cleaning that up, I gave her another dose and she took four nibbles (not big enough to call bites) of the sandwich, and then lay down on the couch. Within five minutes, she was asleep. She ate very little and did very little for the next 24 hours. She vomited twice more - into the folded bath towel I put next to her when she went to bed. By late Wednesday afternoon, she was much better. She ate some Chef Boyardee ABC, 1 2 3, and I took her for a little visit with her mommy. On Thursday she seemed back to normal, but I still made her play quietly. I took her back to Sara's workplace when Sara got off work. She was going to spend the night at home, and go to day care on Friday.

During her stay, we watched Peter Pan half a dozen times and The Little Mermaid at least twice. She also did some drawing. And she wanted to weave on my little loom. I put a 2 yard warp of 26 threads on it and she wove a bit. After I showed her what to do, I heard her repeating, "Put it (the shuttle) through, push it (one of the levers that control the shafts) down, beat it in."

About quarter to nine Friday morning, I was surprised when Rose came in the door and said, "Grammy's here!" Sure enough, Carmen had arrived; I wasn't expecting her until today or tomorrow. She brought with her the things she needs to make special cakes for Lexi's birthday on Thursday and Rose's dance recital next Sunday. 

She also brought her carpet cleaner. This morning, she cleaned my dining room carpet; she'll probably do the living room tomorrow. She has now taken Rose home for Sara to get her ready for dance pictures to be taken this afternoon

Now I need to wash those sheets and towels Rose threw up on, and then I should mow.

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