Friday, June 17, 2011

'til next year

Carmen's visit has ended. She's never spent two whole weeks out here before, but then she's never been unemployed when she came before. She left here shortly before noon to meet Sara in Mayfield for lunch. After that she headed to a friend's house in Tennessee. She'll spend a couple of days there, and then visit another friend in Virginia before she finally gets back to New Jersey. She did a lot of work while she was here, but also spent a lot of time with her daughters and granddaughters.


Yesterday, I went to both the oral surgeon and the oncologist. Dr Heine said my mouth is healing well, but I should continue using the Peridex rinse and return in three months.

Dr Winkler was pleased with my last labwork. He ordered a couple of extra blood tests and another 24-hour urine collection. He also wants to see me in three months. I'll need to go back in six weeks to have my port flushed, as well.

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