Sunday, July 24, 2011

Little Girls

First, some from a long time ago - 89 or 90 years. At the family reunion, a cousin had some pictures we could go through and take what we wanted. I love this one; I don't recall ever seeing it before. I'm sure the oldest one was Aunt Mabel. Based on that, and having learned the order of the twelve siblings very young, I believe the others are Ethel (my mother), Esther, and Nina (right to left). I like the way all their hems are the same distance from the ground. Those black stockings look very uncomfortable.

And then some current little girls - no pictures, though. Friday I picked Rose up from day care about 3:30 and we went to Metropolis. At 5 pm we followed Alyssa and Stephen to the Massac County fairgrounds where Lexi entered her cat in the cat show. There were five kids in her age group. I found it very interesting that the cats were ranked in the order that they were examined by the judge. Ginger (and Lexi) got fourth.

After that, we took the cat home and then went to the church where Lexi and Devon had attended Vacation Bible School all week. The kids did some singing and recited a couple of Bible verses. Then we had some refreshments and picked up their crafts. Lexi and Rose came home with me.

The girls spent two nights here and did a lot of complaining because I wouldn't turn on the A/C. Yes, it's hot, but I've remained reasonably comfortable with windows open and fans running. I go in most public buildings and freeze to death. I wouldn't want them to not use their A/C, but do they need to keep it cold? We're supposed to wear lighter-weight clothes in the summer, so thermostats should be set higher than in the winter.

Anyway, the girls survived and Sara picked them up an hour or so ago. About the time she came, a storm started rolling through, and the temperature dropped at least five degrees in five minutes.

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