Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Greetings from New Jersey!

Alyssa, Lexi and I drove to NJ on Saturday - arrived at Carmen's house about 3 am EDT.

Yesterday, Carmen, Lexi and I went to the IKEA store in Elizabeth. I hadn't been to IKEA since I stopped at the Baltimore store when I was moving back to KY in 1994. That time I was getting things to complete the configuration of my IVAR shelving units that I had planned for the room I would be using in my parents' house. This time I got some lingenberry preserves and some gooseberry preserves, as well as a waste basket for my weaving/knitting room. You don't find lingenberry or gooseberry preserves just anywhere. The gooseberries remind me of my childhood; there was a gooseberry bush in the lane to the pasture on the farm where I was born.

I don't know yet what we'll do today.

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