Tuesday, July 17, 2012

120 mile circle in four hours

That's what took up half of my day today. I left my house about 10:45 this morning, drove to Metropolis IL, got Lexi, went to the Greyhound Bus Station in Paducah to meet my son-in-law coming in from New Jersey (would you believe by way of St. Louis?). Then we drove down to Mayfield, stopping at Subway on the north edge of town for Bob to get lunch. He was surprised that the girl there had never heard of an Italian hoagie. We made one more, brief stop in Mayfield for Lexi to run something into the Art Guild for me. And finally, we got to Sara's house near Sedalia. I left Bob and Lexi there. I didn't go into the house because I'm not sure I'm over whatever it is that I've had recently. I came home through Pryorsburg, Dublin and Beulah.

Now I'm going to sit down and knit.

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