Friday, July 20, 2012

A Family of Shawls

A few weeks ago, my friend Mary asked me to knit shawls for her daughter and granddaughters who are going through a rough patch. She said I knit faster than she does (I think I just have more time to knit). She provided me with yarn from stash.

She said the five-year-old is a real girly-girl, so something lacy would be suitable.
My first attempt was much too small, so I redid it. The pictures are a combination of the original and the 'real' one.

The model here is an eleven-year-old. I love the way pink shirt shows through the lace. There were about 780 stitches to bind off on that ruffle.

Mary said the eight-year-old is more snuggly, so something a bit more tailored would be good.

With this one also, I initially made it too small, and had to re-do. It is mostly seed stitch, but with four cables, and a ruffle on the bottom. The ruffle is actually a little lacy, but that doesn't show in the picture. Again, the model is older than the child the shawl is for. It does not look too small on Lexi, so the eight-year-old can grow into it.

I wound up making two adult shawls, because I felt Mary's other daughter who is helping out deserved one too. I don't know which one will be for Mommy and which for Auntie.

I increased faster along the edges than down the middle, so It wouldn't be too long at the point.

This one is from some yarn that was in my stash. Do you think it's bright enough?


Anonymous said...

the shawls are beautiful
You do such nice work and working for others is wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

Your work is so creative and just gorgeous! Each person without a doubt will treasure the shawls and enjoy wearing them.