Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm a wimp!

About 6:30 pm yesterday, I decided to see if I could get a bit of mowing done. The mower we retrieved from the repair shop on Saturday started right up and I took off down the north side of the yard. As I came back up, I realized that the shield over the discharge chute was down, so it was working as a mulching mower. That's not what I wanted right then, so I shut the mower off, and went to find the piece that holds that shield up and diverts the clippings being discharged. It was the second place I looked. After I put it on, I had a little trouble getting the mower restarted. I think I mowed for about fifteen minutes, but that was enough. As I said above, I'm a wimp! Since we got some rain today, I won't try to mow this evening - too wet.

After knitting at the ice house (I think I knit a dozen stitches - we were mostly talking), I took the things Rose had left at my house over the weekend to her, and saw the baby again. On the way back through town, I saw that the farmer's market was set up in the First Christian Church parking lot. I pulled into the next lot, and walked down the row of eight to ten vendors. I bought some corn and yellow tomatoes. I've already had my supper of two ears of corn and one sliced tomato. The ears were not very filled out, but they tasted delicious.

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