Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another 130-mile Day

That was yesterday. Alyssa called and asked if I could come over and play with Brady in the afternoon (Stephen worked 12:30 to close.) I told her I need to go to Mayfield, but would be over after that. She suggested that since I was going to Mayfield, I could pick up Bob (her dad) and give him an outing with his grandson.

So I left the house about 9:30, went around the corner to pay my water bill, and then headed to Mayfield. First stop was the Senior Center, where I donated this scarf

to be a door prize at the fund-raising supper that night. I told them I didn't know if I'd make it back for the supper or not (I didn't). Then I filled the gas tank, exchanged the toilet tank flap at the hardware store (I'd selected the wrong one last week, Fortunately I discovered my error before opening the package.), bought aluminum foil at Big Lots,  and went to Goodwill and Kevil Korner (local thrift shop that supports a sheltered workshop) - not in that order. Then I picked up Bob about noon and headed for Metropolis.

We spent a few hours there, during which I picked Lexi and Devin up from school, and Brady shit on my sweatshirt. Alyssa had just changed his diaper and handed him to me. I heard and felt a small explosion and told Alyssa I was sure that was a wet fart. She picked him up and changed his diaper again. I looked down and saw a line of mustard-colored poop on my sweatshirt and couldn't help laughing. I went to the bathroom and cleaned it off as well as I could, then took off the shirt. There were only slight spots on my turtleneck shirt underneath. Both shirts are now soaking in a Biz solution.

From Alyssa's house, we went to Sara's, taking Alyssa's Christmas presents for them and picking up Bob's laundry (Sara's a sweetheart to do it for him.) It was the first I had seen Lily since just before Christmas and Rose since Thanksgiving. After I dropped Bob off, I got a sandwich at Burger King and came home. It was 8:30 already, so I got in bed and read.

Today I'm staying home, but tomorrow I'll be back out again, to church (haven't been there for at least three weeks) and knitting.  


Anonymous said...

You sure keep busy!!
I thought you were retired!!!

Barbara said...

Love the scarf!As usual your talents are amazing!