Wednesday, May 1, 2013

There's a body in my trunk!

And two on the back seat.
They're the mannequins I've borrowed from the Mayfield/Graves County Art Guild to be used at Grace Church for the Vintage Views exhibit of artwork by the church members over 60. One of them is child size - we can use that for the top/sweater I knit for Alyssa when she was six or seven. (She's now 28.)
I call it Alyssa's Garden.

The other item I've put in is my Hearts and Flowers shawl I won some ribbons on at the county fair in 2010. It also won a merit award sponsored by Mayfield Tourism at the juried show at the Mayfield Art Guild that year. The exhibit at the church is not one with prizes - the idea is just to let people see the talent there is in the parish.


Anonymous said...

They are both lovely works of art.


Anonymous said...

I realy like to see what you are doing!!!