Sunday, June 9, 2013

Yard Sale

No, not the 400 mile one along US68/KY80, which was this weekend.

This one was at Alyssa and Stephen's house in Metropolis on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Alyssa had asked me last week if I could help with it. I decided that rather than drive over there (38 miles each way) three days in a row (I did that a couple of weeks ago for the kids' programs at school), I'd pack a bag and ask Lexi to let me sleep in her bed for two nights. She slept in the recliner Thursday night, and she and Devin spent Friday night with Stephen's parents.

Why do people start yard-saleing so darn early?!?!?! We started setting up about 6 am, and people were coming before we finished. They seemed to come in spurts - four or five at a time, and then no one for ten or fifteen minutes. Alyssa took pictures of some of the things and posted them on a FaceBook sale page; she got quite a few responses from that. Quite a bit of stuff sold, but there is still more left. She may take some things to a consignment store and donate others to a women's shelter.

We started packing things away about 2:30 each day, because Stephen had to be at work at 4 pm. I know he's tired from getting up that early and then working until about 10:30 pm.

Lexi had volleyball camp all week, so on Thursday and Friday, Stephen's mom provided the transportation for that, then came and sat with us. The kids also sold cookies and lemonade on Thursday and Friday - there were no cookies left on Saturday. They split the money and used it as their spending money for the Superman Festival Saturday evening.

Today is Lexi's twelfth birthday. She had four friends sleep over last night. So that was another thing for Alyssa to prepare for. She baked the cake yesterday morning.

Two of the girls were at a church youth event that lasted longer than they had expected it to, so they missed the pizza and singing Happy Birthday, but met up with the others at the Superman Festival. I'm sure they all had more cake and ice cream later.

Brady is doing well after his surgery. Here's a picture of him on Friday in one of the items that was in the yard sale.
This was a little 'tent' sort of thing, about four foot cubed. A young family with three kids (two boys and a girl) bought it. In taking it down, Alyssa explained how to set it up. I'm sure those kids will have a lot of fun with it.

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