Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year - 2014

2013 was a fairly productive year for me. Of the 15 projects that were on the needles as 2012 ended, I knit a few more inches on Carmen's queen-size blanket and a few more squares on a mitered-square scrap blanket, plus, I finished:
2 small blankets
4 shawls
1 baby sweater
1 scarf
1 balaclava
That leaves 4 projects that I haven't touched during 2013.

BUT, during 2013 I started and finished:
11 scarves
7 shawls
5 children's sweaters/vests
21 hats
12 dishcloths
3 American Girl doll dresses
1 American Girl doll sweater
1 baby dress
1 baby blanket
2 bibs
1 purse
1 pair of baby socks
24 tiny hats for a project to raise awareness of the Seaman's Church Institute.

PLUS, I wove
516 mugrugs
75 (?) 2 inch Weave-it squares
7 throw rugs, ranging in length from 32 to 78 inches

Now I need to work on the 10 knitting projects I have on the needles (I'll probably finish one of them today), and put a new warp on the loom (for placemats, I think).

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Barbara said...

Wow! You certainly were busy in 2013.

I wish you continued good health, happiness, and all good things in the new year, and I hope 2014 will be as rewarding for you as 2013.