Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Fulled Purse

Some people would say felted, but to me felting is done with unspun fiber. After the fiber is spun into yarn and then knitted or woven, the correct term is fulled.

Fifteen years or so ago, my friend Dana cleared some of her 'stuff' out of her mother's attic. She brought some of it to our fiberarts meeting and I came home with a large trash bag of wool.
Looks like so much yarn barf, doesn't it? Each piece is about two yards long. I have pulled out a lot of them, tied them together and rolled them into balls. This is what I haven't done anything with.

Here is what I've rolled into balls but not used yet. Several years ago, I knit two bags and fulled them. I recently completed another one (I had started it in May 2011 and then set the project aside). I don't remember how I had planned to do it when I started, but this is how I finished it.

I knit it in the round in stockinette stitch and am using the purl side as the right side, because that is where all the knots and tails migrate. On the flap, I bound off a few stitches every inch or so, alternating sides. The strap is just garter stitch. Actually this one was too long, so I did another one. Then I put them in the washer and dryer with a load of jeans to full them before I put on the strap. I had forgotten that garter stitch gets longer rather than shorter. The main part of the purse went from 15" to 10.5", and the flap from 13" to 9.5", but the strap went from 61" to 65". I had planned to have the strap doubled, but didn't like it when it was done. I figure it will make a good sash for my costume for the Walk Through Bethlehem in December.

And here is the final result, already loaded with wallet, check book, etc.

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