Sunday, October 19, 2014

Knitted wrapping paper, year 3

Two years ago, my then 11-year-old great-granddaughter told her mother that she hoped I'd knit my wrapping paper again that year. I have a tradition of giving my descendents Hallmark ornaments for Christmas. At some time, I had given Lexi hers in a knit, drawstring bag. I guess she wanted another one, so I knit drawstring bags for the six great-grandchildren, but wrapped the adult gifts conventionally. The two babies didn't give a damn, and I'm not sure what the 9-year-old boy thought, but the 11-,8-, and 7-year-old girls liked them.

Last year, I knit hats for everyone, including the adults and the unborn child, and put the ornaments in them. This year, I am knitting washcloths for everyone. My intention for the great-grandchildren was to match the towels my sister had given them with their names appliqued on one end. However, I learned yesterday that the four girls all have light purple towels. Doesn't matter for Lexi, since she's the only girl in the house. but the other three girls are all the same family. So . . . purple, lavender, and that bright pink might be good for Rose.

Michael's had Sugar n Cream 'dishcloth' cotton on sale last week, so I stocked up - one ball of each solid color they had (except yellow and orange, which I already had at home), but there were a couple of colors that were already sold out by the time I got there on Wednesday. I'll go back on Tuesday with a coupon to see what other colors they have now. I'll also check out Hobby Lobby (with a coupon, of course).

The washcloths have the person's first-name initial in garter stitch on a stockinette stitch field, with a garter stitch border. Very easy projects.

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