Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 - week one

Started off nice, highs in the 50's, then cooled off to highs in the teens. I had to leave water dripping for a couple of nights (and in my bathroom during the day as well, since I use the other bathroom during the day).

My friend Mary came over on Friday to knit and talk. She had her two granddaughters (ages 8 and 12, I think) with her because their schools were closed. There was really only a dusting of snow, but I think more was being predicted - it didn't happen. It was nice having them here. I opened a couple of cans of soup for lunch, and we ate that and crackers and chips. The table looks nice with placemats and napkins on it, instead of miscellaneous stuff that just lands there.

Yesterday, when I was almost to church, I heard some strange noises from the motor compartment, like something was breaking off and hitting the firewall. Then I had a veerrry hard time making turns. I wound up later having the car transported to my mechanic in Mayfield. I had called my grandson-in-law Stephen in Metropolis, because I thought one of his friends was a mechanic, but he rarely sees that one now. I called the roadside service number on my insurance card and they sent someone out - eventually. Stephen came over and kept me company while I waited and then drove me home. 

It seems like they didn't give the driver all the information he needed. When it got to be later than the time they had given me, I called the phone number they gave me for the towing service. He said he had been trying to get hold of me (my cellphone had not rung). When he got there, he was surly. He had no idea where Bailey's is, and didn't want to listen to directions. Stephen did give him the exact address, so I guess he used GPS to find it. I called Bailey's this morning to make sure my car was there. They called me back a few minutes ago to tell me how much it will cost. New belt and a pulley, plus labor - only $117.12. I think I can handle that. Now when they call to tell me it's ready, I'll need to find someone to take me to Mayfield to get it. 

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