Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pulling Teeth

I must be having fun - the time is sure flying between my posts.

I've done more mowing, but not since Wednesday. I had two teeth pulled on Thursday. They were both broken; one of them so badly that Dr Ciampa had to cut the gum. I've been having some pain from the teeth, but at first thought it was from the steroids. However it lasted longer after stopping the steroids than it had before, and on Tuesday there was some swelling in my lower left jaw. On Wednesday morning, before I even got out of bed, I knew that the swelling had increased. The strange thing was that I no longer had the pain, but I was glad that I had the appointment to have them out. I go back next Thursday to have the stitches out and to check for signs of necrosis. That is a risk with the Zometa they give me for bone health. The nurse in the treatment room at the cancer center had mentioned it the first time they gave me Zometa, and Dr Ciampa mentioned it on Thursday. I'm now taking Amoxicillin to clear up the infection. I think the swelling is pretty well gone today. I also have Percocet for pain, but I've only taken two of them. The most pain was when the anesthetics wore off. I was asleep during the extraction, but of course they also used local anesthetics to numb the gums.


Last weekend, to take breaks from the crocheting, I knit two 'random' scarves. The first one had 250 stitches, and the second one had 175. Each row was a different yarn, with the ends of the yarn left hanging as fringe - three or four ends tied together. I used seed stitch because it mixes the colors up better than other stitches do, and I put in an eyelash yarn about every inch. Dominic kept saying they were the ugliest things he'd ever seen, but the knitters loved them on Tuesday. They didn't even let me bring them back home, but priced them, entered them on my inventory sheet, and hung them on a rack in the gift shop. I hadn't weighed them, so I'll have to estimate their weights for my spreadsheet after I make the next one.

Dana (Art Guild director) said on Tuesday that they need more handknit dishcloths/washcloths for the gift shop, so I've been working on some since then. I think I've done nine so far. I'll make more through tomorrow, then wash them on Monday, and take them with me when I go to the knitting group on Tuesday. Then I'll get back to crocheting the bedspread; I really do need to finish it.

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