Friday, May 4, 2007

Knitting from Stash 2007 - April

I've let a week go by without posting, and we're four days into a new month to boot. My knitting in April consisted of:
finishing an afghan started twenty years ago
knitting a blanket for my 18-month-old great-granddaughter to take to daycare
four adult hats
one hat and mittens set for a 6 or 7 year old
two scarves
one short cape for a friend
eight preemie caps
two baby surprise jackets
This all used another 6.75 pounds of yarn.

This is one of the baby surprise jackets. It's worsted-weight acrylic yarn, knit on size 7 needles, so it's bigger than what Elizabeth Zimmermann envisioned. The other one is one color, baby-weight yarn on size 4 needles, so is more in line with EZ's sizing. I haven't sewn the shoulder seams in that one yet, because there are a couple more people I want to show it to in its "what the heck is it?" state.

These are a few of the hats I've made in the last week or so (at least two of them are May projects).

Now I plan to switch to mainly crochet for a while, otherwise I'll never get Yvette's bedspread done. Each 'square' takes me about two hours to complete. I don't know how many I have left to do. I'm joining them as I go in strips of sixteen, then joining the strips when I get one completed. That way, when I'm done making the squares, I'll only have the border to do.

Mowing and other garden stuff

We still haven't gotten all of the first mowing done, but I started on the second mowing on Monday. Tuesday was taken up by two knitting groups, so no mowing was done. I did some on Wednesday, but yesterday it rained. It might be OK for mowing now, but I'm not going to do it. Maybe tomorrow.

The trees that had leafed out in early April, and then looked dead after several nights in the 20's, are putting out new leaves now, so things have gone from brown to green to brown and back to green again - strange spring! My redbud and crepe myrtle that I planted last year seem to be doing well.

The hummingbirds have been back for about two weeks. I have feeders on both porches, but in another month there will be more flowers for them to visit, as well. They sometimes pass very close to my head when they're zooming around. With all the trees I have, I get a lot of other birds, too, although I don't know what most of them are. I know cardinals, robins, mockingbirds and eastern bluebirds, but that's about it.

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