Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Beautiful downtown Mayfield

About a week and a half ago, this building across from the courthouse collapsed. There were three stores on the ground floor of it. They were vacant and I don't think anyone was in them at the time of the collapse, but at least one was being worked on with the intention of opening a business in it.

About ten years ago part of the end wall of the building at the end of this block collapsed. That wall was in the movie In Country. The girl went past it on her morning run; it said Lookofsky on it. Quite a bit of that movie was filmed in Mayfield. Bobbie Ann Mason grew up in Mayfield, and several of her books are set in the area. That wall has been repaired, but I think this building will probably not be.

Further Medical Update

The ultrasound did not show any blood clots (that's good), but it did show a Baker's cyst. I Googled it and read a couple of articles. It doesn't seem to be life threatening like a blood clot could be, so I'm continuing with normal activities. The cancer center said that it is something for the orthopedic surgeon to deal with when I see him next Friday for my right hip.

Yard Work

Dominic laughed at me this morning when I said that, since I'm on steroids for a few days, and therefore can walk easier, I was going to do some work on the bank beside the driveway. I told him to come check on me if I wasn't back to the house in a hour. I don't wear a watch, so I had no idea how long I was working, but I was starting back up the drive, mowing a little and stopping to pull thistles, when I heard wheels on the gravel. I looked up and Dominic was coming down with the wheelbarrow. He knew I'd have stuff that needed to go to the brush pile at the back of the property along the treeline. I pointed to where the pile was and he loaded it up and took it back. When I got to the house a few minutes later, I noted that he came out right about an hour after I had left the house.

I rested and read for an hour or so and then mowed the fenced=in area of the yard. I think that will be all the yard work for today. Now I'll do some knitting or crocheting. I'll do more mowing tomorrow.

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