Monday, September 3, 2007

September - Almost Autumn


I finished the socks for Lexi, and made a smaller pair for Rose, who will be two in late October. She'll have to grow into them, but that's OK.

Yesterday I knit a hat out of some self-striping sock yarn, and then knit a five-stitch I-cord belt with what was left of the ball of yarn. It is too short for an adult, but Lexi might use it. If not I'll find some use for it as a rope.


Dominic burned the paper trash on Saturday. You can see how dry the grass is behind the burn barrel. We had a brief shower yesterday while we were eating supper. And I do mean brief - about two minutes. Not enough to make a difference to anything.

After burning the paper, I started cutting the tent caterpillars out of the black walnut tree and burning them. Of course some of them are too high for me to reach, but at least I decreased the number somewhat. The pecan tree next door has a lot of them as well, and they're all too high for anyone to reach..

Some of the walnuts have dropped already, but they're small ones - not full-grown. I raked them out of the path from the house to the shed so they won't mess me up when I'm walking that way. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the nuts this year. I still have at least half a bushel from two years ago (it only dears every other year) that I haven't cracked.

I took this picture on Saturday, too. Wasn't that sky beautiful?!. The town water tower is beside the back corner of my lot. My daughter doesn't like that - she's afraid it's going to fall on me.

We had the windows open for several hours on Saturday, for the first time in a couple of months. It was really very nice, pleasant temperature, good breeze, but by mid-afternoon, it got a bit uncomfortable, so we closed the windows and turned the A/C back on. It's good to air the place out every so often.

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