Thursday, October 11, 2007

New housemates

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted. I didn't do anything particularly interesting last week. This week, however, is a bit different. I took these pictures a few days ago, but haven't had much chance to post them. You can see how the cypress vine/hummingbird vine has grown over everything that hasn't been moved for a while. Alexis has now freed her bicycle and the walker.

Alyssa and Alexis are moving in with me temporarily. Alyssa is using Dominic's room and Alexis sleeps on her cot in my room. This week is her fall break from school, so she was with me from Monday afternoon after my oncologist appointment until her dad picked her up last night. She was very excited all day yesterday about Daddy picking her up. I had him do a couple of things for me while he was here.

We're putting all of Dominic's things into the shed at the back of the property. It's one that was meant for a riding mower, but since I don't have such a thing, there's plenty of space for other things. I went out there yesterday morning and swept it out, then pulled one of Dominic's Rubbermaid storage containers on wheels out there. The other two containers are heavier, so I don't want to try to move them. One of the things I had Andy do was move them to the back porch. If he had gotten here earlier, I would have had him take them out to the shed, but it was starting to get dark and I didn't feel like going back out there. He made me feel really weak; I didn't want to even pull them, and he lifted one up on top of the other like it was nothing. I guess that a difference between a 23-year-old man and a 66-year-old woman, isn't it? Some of Alyssa's co-workers are going to help her move stuff, so they can move them then. Some of the rest of Dom's stuff Alyssa and I can move by wheelbarrow or luggage cart.


Monday was my oncologist appointment. I'm still doing well on the treatment. However, Dr Balbastro scared me a bit, talking about what may happen in the future, if my reponse to the current treatment stops or reverses. She asked me to think about where I want to go if bone marrow transplant is needed - Nashville, St Louis, or Little Rock. Nashville is closest, of course, but she talked as though Little Rock is best. A friend who used to live in Arkansas told me that Little Rock is really not much farther than St Louis, so I guess I'll choose that clinic. I don't really want to think about such things!

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Anonymous said...

I know you don't want to think about a bone marrow transplant; however, be aware that my name and information is on the bone marrow registry. I joined the registry last spring - just in case. I can only be a donor until I turn 61 which is just two years from now. (It is hard to believe that I will be 59 next week!!!)