Monday, October 1, 2007

Welcome October

The temperatures are cooling off to mid-80's with mid-50's at night. Nice!

Saturday I did some mowing, and cut down a small evergreen bush that had died. This morning I burned paper trash, as well as the trunks and roots of some bushes that I had cut and killed off two years ago - they were finally ready to come out of the ground without digging. Then I started doing more mowing. I noticed that my neighbor, Robbie, was finishing up the mowing in his back yard (riding mower), and suddenly realized that he was mowing my yard. I guess he did it as a thank you for my telling him that he can drive his golf cart across my back yard. I've been told that he had a motorcycle accident a couple of years ago in which he suffered a brain injury. This resulted in poor vision, a speech problem and a rather halting gait. He was living in Wisconsin or Michigan at the time, but his family brought him back 'home.' His mother lives about half a mile away, and I think he has siblings in the area as well. He doesn't drive a car, but does manage his own mowing, and has a golf cart to go places in this tiny town. I noticed that he was taking it out on the road in front of our houses. That's really not a good idea, since the road is rather narrow and has no shoulders. Also, our shared driveway goes down and then the road goes up and around a curve to meet the main road through what once was the business district. By going across my yard, there's no hill to contend with. At the edge of my yard, he can get on the water tower driveway, which leads out to the main road. Much safer and easier.

Anyway, I continued mowing from rhe south side of the yard and Robbie was mowing from the north side. We had almost met when my mower ran out of gas. As soon as he heard my mower stop, he hightailed it back to his detached carport, turned off his mower, and went into his house - like he didn't want me to thank him. I'll catch him outside sometime soon and say thank you. There's just a tiny bit left now to mow; perhaps I'll back out later and finish up.

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