Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Barbie clothes

Two weeks ago I mentioned that I used over 38 pounds of yarn last year. The 180+ projects included 74 caps of various sizes and descriptions - everything from premie caps to watchcaps for the Seaman's Church Institute to give to the men who work on the barges on the rivers. Also 35 scarves, 21 dishcloths, 9 pairs of socks, 7 children's sweaters, and other miscellaneous items.

So far this year I've finished four or five projects, including these pajamas for Lexi's Barbie doll, which I did yesterday. I got the pants done while she was at school and was working on the top when she got home. She put the pants on the doll and didn't like the way they fit. She thinks the waistbands of pants are supposed to rest where you take your hip measurement. These pants are meant to come up to the waist. She started having a conniption about that, so I told her to put on her coat and get in the car. I knew Alyssa was home from work (she had called shortly before noon and said she was home and was going to take a nap until time for Lexi to get home), so I dropped Lexi off there. I figured there was no reason I had to put up with her fussing when her mom was home.

The PJ's are knit of leftover sock yarn. The self-striping stuff makes the top look quite complicated, doesn't it? It's really just plain knitting - the color changes are caused by the way the yarn is dyed. I've made Barbie clothes with the leftovers before. It's sort of fun and is a good way to use the little bits that are left after making a pair of socks.

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