Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Replenishing the aquifer

It's a wonderful day to stay inside and knit or read. It's warm (high 50's), but raining and very windy. I'm glad I have nothing I need to do outside the house today.

Yesterday I went to a meeting of the Lake Area Fiber Artists. I was only at one LAFA meeting last year. The first half of the year, it seemed like I always had a doctor's appointment, and the last few months, I had to make sure I was home to meet the school bus. Now that my son-in-law is here, he can meet the bus if Alyssa is working. (Because of his impairment from the strokes, he could not care for a small child, but a six-year-old can do most things for herself.) As it turned out yesterday, as I approached my driveway, I saw the bus coming down the road. After the bus went on, I went across to my mailbox. When I turned around to cross back, Alyssa and her dad were coming down my driveway, so Lexi got in with them and they went home, and I had the rest of the afternoon and evening to myself.

It's always nice to meet with other fiber people. Various ones of us were knitting, quilting, and embroidering, and one was doing bobbin lace. And of course we were talking about all sorts of things - fiber-related or not.

A few days ago, Lexi wanted to make a paper parachute, but it didn't work out the way she wanted, so she made it into a mask. I think making that switch shows a great deal of creativity. Of course I'm prejudiced. My photography is poor. She did draw a nose, mouth, eyelashes, and hair complete with small braids at the front. The only thing that shows in the picture is the end of the braids.

The other picture is of the cape I'm knitting for Lexi. She designed it and selected the yarn from my stash. The red and lavender are worsted weight. The main yarn is baby/fingering weight, so I'm using it doubled. Therefore, I needed another large skein of it. WalMart, Michael's and Hobby Lobby do not have fingering weight yarn right now, so instead of two strands of pastel variegated, I'm using one strand of variegated and one of a pale pink that was in my stash. Seems like I'm always looking for something at the wrong time; a few years ago I could not find sport weight when I needed it.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the oncologist.

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