Monday, January 7, 2008


We now have another family member in KY. My son-in-law, Bob, arrived on Friday. He'll be living in a trailer that Alyssa's landlord owns a little way down the street from her. He rode to Mayfield with me this morning when I went to have some bloodwork done at the hospital there. I asked about doctors for him. He had a series of strokes in 2006, the last one quite serious, so he needs to find a doctor here who specializes in stroke patients. We'll have to call the hospitals in Paducah as well.

We also went to the library. I've decided to read the Mary Poppins books to Lexi, so I checked out the first one. Maybe after I've read some of them to her, Alyssa can rent the movie and let her (us; I'd like to see it again) watch it. When the movie came out in 196? whatever, one of my co-workers insisted that the books had just been written in response to the movie. I told her that they had been written at least twenty years before. At the little, one-room, country school in Minnesota where I began my formal education, we usually had a quiet time after lunch. We would put out heads down on our desks and the teacher would read to us. I remember her reading Mary Poppins. My favorite character was the woman who could break off her fingers, which would become stick-candy, and then the fingers would grow back. Each finger was a different flavor. I'm looking forward to re-reading the books; they're so much fun!

I took Bob over to Alyssa's house about an hour ago. He's bored stiff here, because there's nothing for him to do. Unfortunately, he's never been much of a reader. At least at Alyssa's he can watch movies, or even TV if anything will come in. I don't have TV at all. Alyssa only gets whatever comes in with the little antenna on the set. She's not interested enough in TV to pay for cable or dish or any such thing, and she also doesn't want Lexi watching too much. The channel that comes in well is KET, which has some good things for Lexi to watch. Bob will get cable as soon as he can, because it's important to him. He has no use of his left arm, so there's not much he can do. The TV (mostly sports, I think) will keep him entertained.

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