Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring must be here

These are the daffodils near the house. As we were getting in the car yesterday morning to go to Bob's doctor appointment, I commented on how pretty they look. His attitude was like 'yeah, I guess, if you say so. They don't do anything for me.' So I guess I won't bother to point out the redbud when it starts to bloom soon. The forsythia is also starting to bloom now; a few more days and my three bushes should be covered in yellow.

It was such a beautiful day that I didn't feel like going into the clinic, so I sat in the car and knitted. I also sat in the car at WalMart when Bob went in to get prescriptions filled. I must say the parking lot at the medical clinic is much nicer - there are trees around it, and even though the Purchase Parkway is right beside it, the noise of the trucks was not annoying.

Lexi and I cleaned out flower beds from the north end and the front of the house after she got home from school yesterday. There were suckers coming up around the holly tree at the corner of the porch. I had Lexi cut them with the pruners, but a couple of them were too thick for her little hands to handle. I actually managed to get down on my hands and knees and cut them. I'm glad no one was around to watch me get up - not a pretty picture. We took the stuff we had pulled up to the burn barrel and lit a fire. Little burning bits were falling out and we were stamping on them. The younger boy next door (I think he's 3rd grade) came and asked if he could help. After we got the burning under control, he moved the wheel barrow to the back porch for me, and the three of us sat there talking for a few minutes. When I went in to start supper, Lexi and Brett played frisbie (she'd been trying to get someone to play with her) until his mother called him in for supper. I guess he's decided little kids aren't so bad.

Today is gray and rainy, but I still enjoyed seeing the daffodils on the way to Mayfield. Or maybe I enjoyed them even more, because they are a bright spot in the greyness. Some places there are just small clumps and other places large areas covered in yellow. I really don't understand how anyone can not be affected by them.

When we went into the therapy office this morning, one of the former regulars at the senior center was there in a wheel chair. He said he broke his leg. It's one of those cases where they don't know if the bone broke causing him to fall, or he fell causing the bone to break. Then while I was waiting for Bob to complete his therapy, one of my oldest (not in age) friends in this area came out of her therapy session. She had knee replacement in late January. So we sat and talked for a few minutes.

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