Friday, July 25, 2008

Bottle Lady

Wednesday, Lexi and I drove down to the WalMart in Funton KY (South Fulton is in TN) to buy cat litter. That store is about three miles farther than the one in Mayfield, but I like the drive. On the way down we counted bridges; there are ten of them. On the way back, we counted graveyards; there are five, most of them either beside or across from churches.

We shared a Pepsi on the way home, and this is what Lexi did with the bottle and a few craft supplies. What looks sort of like legs and feet on the back picture is actually part of the label that wouldn't come off.

She's with her daddy now for the last week of summer vacation - school starts the first week of August. Then she'll be back to every other weekend with him.

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