Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not Quite Boring

When Dr B first came into the exam room this morning, I told her about writing that the visits were getting rather boring, and that one of my sisters (maybe both of them) said she hoped they remained that way. Dr B agreed that boring is good. Then she looked at the results of last month bloodwork and said, "Be careful what you wish for; God will give it to you."

My kappa lightchains number in April was 9, which is good. In May it was 13 - up a little but still good. In June it was 39 - not good. She kept the treatment the same, but if it is still up when they do the tests on today's blood, there will be changes. She will order x-rays of my back and take bone marrow for biopsy, then determine how to proceed. It may mean an IV drug twice a week for two weeks then a week off, etc. I wasn't wishing for excitement! I agree that boring is good.


I'm almost finished with another baby blanket. I decided last night that I want to enter it in the annual community show at the Mayfield Art Guild next month, so I took it with me today and picked up stitches along the top to knit a 'sleeve' for them to hang it with (I can easily unravel the sleeve after tha show). Actually I want to do a 'show and tell' for the nurses in the treatment room, but this made it less obvious that I was doing that. I'll take a picture when I sew the last fish (a starfish) on and post it here. I had to go from Paducah to Mayfield to the bank, so I stopped at the Art Guild to find out how big I need to make the 'sleeve.'

After filling the gas tank ($47) and making a bank deposit, I went to Wal-Mart. I needed some things from the pharmacy department and from the grocery department. I went to pharmacy first and then went to the back of the store to get the cold groceries first. They have taken out all of the fabric and most of the yarn. The remaining yarn is not discounted, so I didn't buy any. They've also removed the bed and bath linens. I can't believe they're getting rid of that, so maybe they've just taken it out to remodel. I'll check next time I go there.

I splurged on some Starbucks Java Chip ice cream - rewarding myself for losing 2.7 pounds in the last month. The checker commented that her husband would kill her if she spent that much on ice cream (that's one of the advantages of not being married). I love coffee ice cream and it is very hard to find around here. On the east coast, all the stores carry it. I think this Wal-Mart may have some by Bryers, but I never look at the Bryers, because I don't like many of their products.

I need to change clothes and wash dishes. Alyssa just called and said she was still int the store (J C Penney in Paducah). She was supposed to get off at four and it is now 5:30. She said she had called Lexi and told her not to eat at Nana's, because she's going to make taco salads when she gets here. We'll be eating a bit late, that's all.

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