Sunday, July 20, 2008

Three More Blankets

These are tha latest three baby blankets I've completed. The one on the left is a simple alternating mitered square one in pale green and off-white. At least off-white is what the ball band called it, but I call it palest yellow. I like it with the pale green though.

The middle one is also mitered squares, but very small ones. I think I managed to do random colors in this one - random always gives me problems. Lexi keeps on calling it a quilt, even though I've told her that it is not, and have tried to explain what a quilt is. That reminds me of an incident a few years ago. My boss at the Senior Center needed a baby gift for friends of one of her sons. One of the Center regulars said she had some baby quilts for sale, so she'd bring a few in for Pam to choose from. I don't think Pam has ever done any quilting, but she certainly knows what a quilt is and what isn't a quilt. She was dismayed when the 'quilts' the lady brought in were crocheted blankets - Pam could have done them herself. She did buy one, but she wasn't really happy about it.

The third one is the one I'm going to enter in the Community
Exhibit at the Mayfield Art Quild. That's the reason for the hanging sleeve on the back of it. When I showed it to Dana and Paula at the Guild on Thursday, they said I need to name it and they suggested a price way more than I had thought of. One of them said, "Most people can't do what you do." Well, yeah, most people don't even knit, much less design their own projects. I do think that anyone beyond a rank beginner knitter who can't figure out the seed-stitch background - cast on an uneven number of stitches and work knit 1, purl 1 until the piece is the desired length - is pretty dumb. Am I being too acerbic? I have to bite my tongue a lot, and refrain from replying to posts on the knitting and crocheting lists I follow.

The fish on the front are another matter. I did sort of follow a chart I found in a book by Edina Ronay, a British actress/knitwear designer for the yellow and orange one, but the others are all my make-it-up-as-you-go designs.

Lexi's favorite is the pink starfish. Not surprising. As a typical seven-year-old girl, her favorite color is pink, and her middle name is Starr. I think my favorite is the red and orange one - maybe the shape is similar to mine, but I also like the blue and turquoise ray fish - especially the tail.

Now we need to decide on a name for the piece - and a price. Lexi thinks it should be 'Fish Sticks' but I think 'Coral Reef' would be better. I'm open to suggestions

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