Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dominic just phoned to say that I needed to post here again. He finds my mentions of Shirley depressing. He knew her, too.

I didn't realize it had been a week and a half since I posted. Most of that time I have been alone in the house. Alexis has been with her father's family, and Alyssa has spent more time with her boyfriend than here. Several days ago I turned off the A/C and opened the windows. I'll need to close windows and turn on the A/C when Lexi and Alyssa come home. With several ceiling fans working, it has been comfortably warm for me. It's summer - it's supposed to be hot!

I've done some mowing, and last evening, after the sun disappeared behind the black locust trees, I weeded the herb garden. I discovered that one of my many walkers, several of which are used like tomato cages, is helpful in getting up and down for weeding. I need to buy a scuffle hoe so I don't have to get dwon on hands and knees.

Mostly, I've been reading and knitting. I'm still working on baby blankets. I finished one this morning in pale green and the yellowest off-white I've ever seen. I couldn't believe Caron called that color off-white - it should be called palest yellow, in my opinion. I have two other blankets on the needles. I think when I finish them, I need to switch to something else.

My reading has been knitting and gardening books

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