Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Compliments Are Always Nice

Yesterday I got an email message that someone had left a comment on a post from last year. The reader said that I write well. Thank you! If that reader is talking about content and style, I can only say thank you. If the reader is talking about grammar and spelling, I say thank you, and want to step up on my soapbox. I have become disappointed recently with some of the radio news people, who are frequently saying 'gonna' and 'wanna' instead of 'going to' and 'want to.' While those words are in the Websters dictionary I have, I consider them sub-standard. Also, on All Things Considered today, there was a segment on some current music composer. The reporter said, "He is one of the only composers who . . .." Wait a minute! He is either the only composer who does it, or he is one of the few composers who do it. Do I sound like I majored in English instead of math?

Stepping off the soapbox now. Thanks for letting me complain.


Yesterday was my November visit to the oncologist. Blood work shows things basically unchanged, so there is no change in my medications. However, I mentioned that a few days ago I had numbness in my lips and around my mouth. (No, I had not just eaten something with hot peppers.) I've had the neuropathy in my fingers and feet for quite a while, but this is the first in my lips. Because of that, Dr Balbastro said she will consider another medication and will find out how Medicare feels about it. She has also referred me to a neurologist, whom I will see a week before my next visit to her.

I also ordered my new glasses yesterday. I'll probably get them toward the end of next week. Since my prescription is so strong, they need to be sent to another lab. That is something I've been used to for years. I'm always a bit envious of the people who can have their glasses done in an hour or two - for the quick service, of course, but also for the good vision (compared to mine).


I had the eye exam last Monday, and planned to order the glasses last week, but had to put it off each day because a roofer was supposed to come to give me an estimate on a new roof. One came on Tuesday just before it got dark, a second one about 3:30 on Friday, and a third on Saturday morning, which is when he said he'd come. I didn't like the first one, but did like both of the others. I think I'll have the third one do the job, because his bid was lower and because he was recommended by a friend. The roof damage was caused by Hurricane Ike; I've already received a check from the insurance company. Roofers two and three asked if I've had any leaking during the recent rains; they said there is a bare spot up there. However, it is on the 'gable' over the front porch, so not as bad as if it was over the living space. I have not been aware of any leaks.
Another shawl completed. It is really a solid color somewhare between the yellow and the orange that show here; the skeinbands call it gold. The shawl measures approximately 30 inches by 62 inches without the fringe.

I'm almost finished with the afghan for my grandson Bobby. I could probably finish it tonight, but I think I'd rather go to bed and read. I'll finish the blanket tomorrow.

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AlisonH said...

Best of luck with the meds. That is one happy afghan, with "follow the yellow brick road!" knitted into it: the lace pattern looks like the path of a child's feet skipping along.