Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Expensive Pizza

I did drive to Mayfield Saturday for Snappy Tomato's pizza buffet and I enjoyed the pizza. They cut each pie into 16 pieces, so I sampled several - all good. I did a couple of other things while I was in town, as well. On the way home, I side-swiped a deer. It left a dent (not bad) in the left front fender and took off the driver's side mirror. It was dark and I didn't stop, so I had no idea what happened to the deer, but he must have gotten back to the woods, because I saw no sign of him Monday morning when I drove that road again.

Monday on my way to the Lake Area Fiber Artists meeting in Murray, I stopped at the junkyard in Mayfield to see if they had a mirror to fit my car. They didn't, so I went to the junkyard in Murray. They had the mirror. I may have been able to replace it myself, and probably would have fifteen or twenty years ago, but decided to stop at my regular mechanic as I came back through Mayfield to let them put it on. Both the junkyard guy and the mechanic reminded me that I was lucky I only side-swiped the deer.

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pojo said...

I live in Erie, PA.
I love piazza too!
You did the right thing and drove to get something you enjoyed.
Life is too short!
I knit, crochet and quilt.
I have two dashounds.
I love cats too.
have a nice day and a safe one too
Happy Thanksgiving too!