Friday, November 21, 2008

Well, it's been a week and a day since I posted - what have I done?
Last Friday morning I bought the yarn for an afghan for my great-nephew. It will be like the one I made for my grandson, but in a different colorway. Then I dropped glass and plastic bottles and jars off at the recycling center, took about a dozen scarves and three or four caps to the Seaman's Church Institute, and then went to the Hartland Lace Guild meeting. These women are making bobbin lace. I find the process fascinating to watch, but I don't want to try doing it. It makes me feel that my knitting is rather prosaic.

On Saturday I went to my friend Shirley's house. I had received an email from her executors a few days before, saying that they would be there to give away more of her yarn. They are trying to get the house cleaned out. Russ said he's made about sixteen trips to Goodwill. I came away with some yarn for me and some for another friend, plus about an eighteen inch stack of fiberarts books, leaflets and magazines (and several paperback novels). Some of the books will go to the fiberarts library being created at the Mayfield Art Guild. I need to list them so Jo can decide which ones should go there.

Sunday after church, lunch and a visit to the Hallmark store, I went to With Ewe in Mind, the yarn shop in Paducah, and knitted and talked with ten or twelve other women. It's always good to get together with them and to see what each one is working on. There are some new knitters in the group, and some of them are in a scarf class Maureen (the owner) is teaching, so they were working on the scarves. Maureen also demonstrated needle felting; she made a pumpkin while we were there. She is another one of the people who try everything. And I think she has some kind of engineering degree!

The week has been very quiet. I've spent most of the time knitting and reading. I did go outside on Tuesday to get rid of the old burn barrel and set up the new one which I bought about a week and a half ago. The old one had a number of holes rusted through around its mid-section. When I grabbed the top rim above the worst holes and lifted toward the opposite side, the top half broke away easily. Then I shoveled half of the ashes into the wheelbarrow and dumped it into an unplanted quadrant of the herb garden which I'm trying to fill. By the time I shoveled the rest of the ashes into the wheelbarrow, I didn't have the strength to dump it. I went out today and dumped the ashes, and also put the new barrel in the special spot (a circle of gravel surrounded by edging 'bricks'). I was going to burn some stuff, but it's a little breezy. I don't know what I'm going to do with the old, rusty barrel; I don't remember what I did with the last one. Perhaps Dominic will remember and let me know.

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