Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The rest of the shawls

Here are the fronts and backs of two other shawls, plus the detail of the orangey one.

Today I'm mourning the loss of a knitting needle. It's one of a set of five which I use for socks. Since I only use four of them at a time, I can still use the set, but one of them (not the lost one) has a rough spot on one end. They are my favorite set for socks - eight inches long, 2.5 mm in diameter, Rhodo-Cristal Nacre, plastic with a metal core (Pony Pearl makes them now, but their tips are not pointy enough to suit me). I was working on the heel flap yesterday, so was only using three needles - the fourth was in the zip-lock bag and the one with the rough spot was at home. When they called me into the lab to draw blood, I picked up my purse which had the knitting project in it. The others waiting told me that I had dropped my yarn, so I had to pick it up. The needle must have jumped out as well, but no one noticed it. I called Dana at the Art Guild first this morning, because I knew she wouldn't think my question odd. She didn't find the needle there, so I called the hospital. The woman I talked to didn't sound like she thought my question odd either. However, no such item has been found.

My daughter is not going to like this paragraph. She doesn't like the fact that I live next to the town water tower. She's afraid it's going to topple over and wash me away. This spring when I have been mowing near the tower, I have felt drops of water on my head. The new water department guy (son-in-law of the old one) confirmed to me a couple of days ago that there was a leak. They are fixing it today. Well, I guess Carmen will like hearing that it's being repaired.

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New DVDs said...

Beautiful shawls! I especially love the green one. Is it a difficult pattern? I am from the Prayer shawl group on Yahoo. I am a breast cancer survivor as well, so I keep you in my prayers on your cancer journey.